MIAGEMéthodes Informatiques Appliquées à la Gestion des Entreprises (French: Computer Methods in Applied Business Management)
MIAGEMaîtrise d'Informatique Appliquée à la Gestion (French)
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'Most upscale kosher restaurants are owned by non-Jews,' notes Steven Levy, Jewish owner of Haikari Grill, a contemporary kosher Japanese restaurant in New York City that is committed to the theatrical presentation of sushi, sashimi and delicacies such as 'Portobello Yaki' (grilled portobello mushrooms with a tamari balsamic vinaigrette, and 'Tsutsu Miage' (honey-glazed duck).
This past February Murdoch began to redefine his miage by bemg the first to offer candidates free air time during prime time next fall.
This device will be tested in License and Master MIAGE. The main objectives are: To build a directory of the necessary skills starting from the reference skills of trades skills, to transform each competency into pedagogical objectives, to refine the objectives in units of learning (AU) and learning outcomes (AA) Writing of the contents which meet these objectives, digital realization of contents and translation into Spanish language.
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