MIAGIMusic Is a Great Investment (South Africa)
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"I would really like to thank my family, for their constant support; my Skype teacher Matt; Ma'am Olga at the Cape Gate MIAGI Centre for Music; my role model and viola teacher, Tiisesto Mashishi; and, last but not least, God.
This LANXESS Young Euro Classic project will be a valuable experience for the MIAGI Youth Orchestra.
MIAGI will feature as the opening act at the annual Young Euro Classic festival to be held in Berlin on 27 and 28 July.
Alistair hopes to raise at least PS4,000 for the collaborative UK-South African project, Cape Gate MIAGI Centre for Music & Birmingham Conservatoire, from various letters within is how the sobriquet ARCO is derived (the recent accolade of "Royal" to the Conservatoire's name would have made the derivation easier).
He was raising money for Arco, a charity project between the conservatoire's strings department and Cape Gate MIAGI Centre for Music in Soweto, South Africa, aimed at providing life changing musical inspiration to children in deprived circumstances.
I am closely associated with an organisation in South Africa called MIAGI (Music Is A Great Investment) which works with children.