MIBIMethoxy-Isobutyl-Isonitrile (biochemistry)
MIBIMotor Insurers' Bureau of Ireland (Dublin, Ireland)
MIBIMultidimensional Inventory of Black Identity (racial identity assessment)
MIBIMaximum Inter-Blink Interval (eye research parameter)
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However, subsequent studies investigating the role of SMM with Tc-99m MIBI were less convincing.
At peak exercise (at least 85% of age-predicted heart rate or upon development of symptoms), Tc-99m MIBI was injected as a bolus into an intravenous line and flushed with 5 ml of NaCl 0.
So far, 16 patients in LV cineangiogram and 10 patients in nuclear MIBI scan arm have been studied.
A second Tc-99m MIBI scan was performed, demonstrating uptake in the same region as seen in the previous Tc-99m MIBI scan.
Mr Jim Phillips, counsel for the MIBI, said that to hold the MIBI responsible would "open a floodgate" of new claims against the Bureau.
However, it has been suggested that the uptake of MIBI in hyper-functioning parathyroid is dependent on gland size and the amount of cellular components.
Objective: To determine the role of visual quantification of Tc-99m MIBI myocardial perfusion SPECT in left bundle branch block as compared to coronary angiography findings.
If primary hyperparathyroidism is suspected, the patient should be worked up further by neck ultrasound plus MIBI scan, if further imaging is necessary.
The CRIS and MIBI can be used to assess the degree of similarity between Cross's revised or expanded model and Seller's model of racial identity.
MIBI chief David Fitzgerald said drivers with no insurance are partly to blame for a rise in premiums.
The RCS of the MIBI assesses the extent to which being Black is central to one's self-concept, asking students whether their racial identity is important to them and if they feel tied to other Black people.