MIBLMasked Ion Beam Lithography (microelectronics)
MIBLMassachusetts Independent Baseball League
MIBLMarine Internal Boundary Layer
MIBLMaster of International Business and Law (various universities)
MIBLMetro Intermediate Baseball League (est. 2002)
MIBLMulti-Modal Instruction Based Learning
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372) On April 25, 1995, MIBL was placed into involuntary liquidation in the Bahamas and Liquidators were appointed.
In September 1995, the Bahamian Liquidators filed an ancillary proceeding under section 304, seeking a stay of all actions against MIBL and the turnover of all of MIBL's U.
A confidential letter to the company last December said that the Bank of England had found "prima facie evidence of illegal deposit-taking in the UK" by MIBL.
The Bank of England nevertheless suggested MIBL, Meridien International Credit Corporation, and other related entities should be removed from the UK.
It will purchase an additional 5% stake in MIBL from Mahindra Finance (taking its total equity stake in MIBL to 20%), and immediately sell the entire capital of IRPL to XL Group, subject to necessary regulatory approvals.
This "Pay-As-You-Can" model will enable any service provider to offer its customers a seamless, hassle-free and transparent buying and claims experience, facilitated by MIBLs wide network of 400+ locations across India, and its in-house Customer Contact Centre.
MIBL has been a profit-making and dividend-paying company from year one.
During the year, MIBL crossed a milestone of 1-million of insurance cases serviced, reaching 1,068,577 nos.
Iyer said, "Our focus through MIBL will now be to offer additional rural products and livelihood products at an affordable price.
MIBL is playing a significant role in the insurance broking industry in India with a focus on adding value to customers through innovative solutions, superior services and driving positive change in the lives of people, said LeapFrog President Andrew Kuper, We are keen to support the next leap of reach, performance and innovation for this outstanding business.