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MIBORMetropolitan Indianapolis Board of Realtors (est. 1912; Indianapolis, IN)
MIBORMadrid Interbank Offered Rate
MIBORMumbai Interbank Offered Rate
MIBORMumbai Inter Bank Offered Rate (India)
MIBORMoscow Inter-Bank Offer Rate (Russia)
MIBORModified Infant Behavioral Observation Record (infant neurobehavioral assessment)
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MIBOR is the interest rate at which banks borrow from another for short term purposes.
In emerging countries, the ARIMA (p, d, q) processes that best modelled the series of daily interbank rates are the following: ARIMA(2, 1, 3), for the CDI; ARIMA(3, 1, 4), for Russia Interbank Offered Rate (TIRUSSIA); ARIMA(3, 1, 4), for MIBOR; ARIMA(1, 1, 1), for Shanghai Interbank Offered Rate (SHIBOR); ARIMA(3, 1, 3), for Chile Interbank Offered Rate (TICHILE); ARIMA(3, 1, 4), for BAIBOR; ARIMA(4, 1, 5), for TIIE and ARIMA(0, 2, 1), for SABOR.
Mibor and Libor are the inter-bank offered rates in Moscow and London, respectively.
Some of the evidences are the presence of 'Jech Mibor' (White army), a former clan militia group that was formed to provide security to the Lou Nuer Communities before the signing of CPA up to date.
The reference rate used is generally the MIBOR, Banco de Espana's interbank rate.
She is an active MIBOR Realtor Association member and an advocate for both animal welfare and economic empowerment.
Fixed Income Money Market and Derivatives Association of India (FIMMDA)/Financial Benchmark India Private Limited (FBIL) may come out with the list of eligible domestic money or debt market rates as benchmarks like G-Sec, T-Bills, MIBOR,OIS, MIFOR, IRF etc.