MIBRMechanized Infantry Brigade
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* Admission is allowed only when the MiBR for both the new and handover calls can be guaranteed.
From Equation (9), we can calculate [Fr.sup.min], the minimum amount of resources that the dynamic reservation procedure must reserve to guarantee the MiBR requirements of handovers into cell i.
The system provides the handover requests with the resources to guarantee their MiBR.
Our scheme controls the system loads by applying the service priority algorithm [20], which decreases the resource usages of the MMSs down to the MiBR on the basis of their service priorities until the system secures additional resources in the amount of [[zeta].sub.d] - [RT.sub.i].
Outage probability is defined as the ratio of the MMS whose average transmission rate is less than the MiBR. In our simulation, we assume the weight index for the decision as [delta] = 0.7.