MICBMeridian Integrated Conference Bridge (Nortel)
MICBMeck Island Control Building
MICBMission Integration Control Board (Space Shuttle)
MICBMember of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (UK and Australia)
MICBMajor histocompatibility complex class I-related chain B
MICBMaster Inspector Certification Board, Inc. (Boulder, CO)
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MICA and MICB expression has been described in a variety of tumors and has been associated with an increased tumor infiltration by [V[delta]1.sup.+] T cells [11].
Tatsumi et al., "Expression and role of MICA and MICB in human hepatocellular carcinomas and their regulation by retinoic acid," International Journal of Cancer, vol.
Cisplatin was previously reported to induce the MICA and MICB expression in non-small-cell lung cancer A549 cell line, through DNA stress-induced ATM-ATR signalling, resulting in enhanced sensitivity to NK cell-mediated cytotoxicity [40].
Completing all levels up to MICB and PMD is now easily achievable in less than 12 months.
Moldindconbank (MICB) to support the development of its portfolio of SMEs credits.
The researchers scanned the genome of cytomegalovirus and found a microRNA that targets a gene called major histocompatibility complex class I-related chain B (MICB).
*A $5 million loan to Moldindconbank SA (MICB), one of Moldova's largest private banks specialising in lending to small and medium-sized enterprises.
In the latest revision of the TNM staging system, micro-invasive carcinoma of the breast (MICB) has been defined as follows: "the extension of cancer cells beyond the basement membrane into the adjacent tissue with no focus more than 0.1 cm in greatest dimension."[1] In this system, the presence of multiple foci of MICB is to be noted, but the addition of sizes of individual foci of microinvasion is not allowed.
Spies, "Broad tumor-associated expression and recognition by tumor-derived [gamma][delta] T cells of MICA and MICB," Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, vol.