MICBMeridian Integrated Conference Bridge (Nortel)
MICBMeck Island Control Building
MICBMission Integration Control Board (Space Shuttle)
MICBMember of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (UK and Australia)
MICBMajor histocompatibility complex class I-related chain B
MICBMaster Inspector Certification Board, Inc. (Boulder, CO)
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Completing all levels up to MICB and PMD is now easily achievable in less than 12 months.
Only the original virus caused a reduction in MICB activity, the researchers report in the July 20 Science.
De este modo, la politica MICB no encontro practicas sociales sedimentadas en una historia cultural que fundamentaran una gestion territorial sostenible centrada en la recuperacion comunitaria del bosque.
1] In this system, the presence of multiple foci of MICB is to be noted, but the addition of sizes of individual foci of microinvasion is not allowed.
2] False-positive diagnosis of MICB may be due to misinterpretation of lobular cancerization, radial sclerosing lesion, sclerosing adenosis, and fibrosing entrapment of epithelium; its false-negative diagnosis may be due either to masking of the invasive focus by inflammatory cells on lower magnification (Figure, A) or mistaking of tumor cells for histiocytes on higher magnification (Figure, B).
Hitherto these too could only be traded by the state-owned MFTB and MICB, but in practice had been little used (not least since these banks demanded 100 per cent deposit backing for the instruments--rendering void the credit aspect of such payment devices).