MICDMayors' Institute on City Design (est. 1986)
MICDMechanical Interface Control Drawing (Cassini Plasma Spectrometer)
MICDMultiplex Interface Control Document
MICDMentally Ill Chemically Dependent
MICDInterface Control Drawing, Mechanical
MICDMulti-Infarct Cognitive Disorder
MICDMaralal International Camel Derby (Nairobi, Kenya)
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On the other hand, MiCD affects between 3% and 20% of adults over 65 [57]; in other studies, prevalence greater than 22% has been found [8-13] and the prognosis in general practice is variable: approximately 25% of people develop MCD within three years after diagnosis, but about 40% return to normal [14].
After 24 hours of MCAO surgery, rats of the Sham group and the MICD group received no treatment.
The mean increment in collar diameter (MICD) in Methods 1 and 2 showed significant quadratic response to the different doses of humic substances (Fertiactyl[R]) and the source + purified MAP; in Method 1, the response was increasing until the maximum dose and, in Method 2, the MICD reached 0.64 mm at the dose of 9.23 mL [L.sup.-1] of the commercial product Fertiactyl[R] (Figure 1).
"The MICD report shows that the Dar Al Ber Society reached out its contributions to 38 Arab, African, Asian, and South American countries whereas part of the donations were specified to major projects in the Sudan, Egypt, Somalia, Syria, Lebanon, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Palestine, Mali, Togo, China, Vietnam, Azerbaijan, Brasilia, Seychelles, and others."
Evaluation and mapping of desertification condition in Fakhr Abad region with the ICD and MICD models, Biaban Journal, 10(1-1): 37.
Andrew Etsano, DLSHTM [1], Rajni Gunnala, MD [2], Faisal Shuaib, DrPH [3], Eunice Damisa, MPH [1], Pascal Mkanda, MBBS [4], Richard Banda, MPH [4], Charles Korir, MA [4], Ogu Enemaku, PhD [5], Melissa Corkum, MICD [5], Samuel Usman, MBBS [6], Lora B.
In this project, some international models of desertification such as FAO-UNEP [7], GLASOD, LADA, AOOSD, MEDALUS [5] as well as national models including ICD [5] and MICD [2] were reviewed in this research and 9 criteria were chosen based on previous experiences for desertification intensity mapping [1].
These sessions were modeled on the Mayors' institute on City Design (MICD), a partnership program of the National Endowment for the Arts, the American Architectural Foundation and the U.S.