MICELMission de Coopération Éducative et Linguistique (French: Educational and Linguistics Cooperation Mission)
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(115.) "Great is the fear of God, from which the earth turns away" ("Micel bip se Meotudes egsa, forpon hi seo molde oncyrred," l.
And ealra maest hlafordswica se bid on worulde paet man his hlafordes sawle beswice; [&] ful micel hlafordswica se bid on worulde paet man his hlaford on life beswice oddon of lande lifigende drife, [&] aegder is geworden on pyssan earde: Eadweard man forraede [&] syddan acwealde [&] aefter paem forbaernde; [&] AEpelred man draefde ut of his earde.
(143.) Zehnder Y, Luthi M, Micel D, Knecht H, Perrelet R, Kraenzlin M, Zach G, Lippuner K.
has developed Micel 92[TM], which is a micellar casein obtained through a proprietary process.
The first, called Micel 92, is a free-flowing white powder with unsurpassed flavor and mouth-feel properties.
especially Iannis Xenakis, Arts/Sciences: Alliages (Paris: Casterman, 1979) (or Arts-Sciences: Alloys: The Thesis Defense of Iannis Xenakis Before Olivier Messiaen, Michael Ragon, Olivier Revault d' Allonnes, Micel Serres and Bernard Teyssedre (New York: Pendragon, 1985)) in general and Xenakis's concluding Dialogue with Bernard Teyssedre in particular.
for pon oe micel gedal is on waepnedes and wifes and cildes lichoman.
non solum ex uino inebriantur homines sed etiam ex ceteris potandi generibus que uario modo conficiuntur manegum lof ys micel drincan & na druncnian .
In posing the question `Why is Grendel's Not Greeting the Gifstol a Wr[UNKNOWN TEXT OMITTED]c Micel?', Fred Robinson confronts one of the same textual cruces as Bammesberger (Beowulf 168-9); the two differ in their interpretation of moste but agree in reading formetode.
Moreover, it very likely that gemination of consonants was no longer active during the Late Old English period, and therefore, the <cc> sequences in such words as micel and its case forms, e.g.
pegn folgade, maegenrofa man, ond micel haefde gefered paet hit felde, fleah purh his eage.