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MICHTMember of the International Council of Holistic Therapists (UK)
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Eventually, an even greater number of little used and archaic modal combinations, such as Triple Modals (should might better, might will can't) and Scots multiple modals (micht cud, uisst tae coud, used to widnae), are present at the bottom of these lists.
Ay, I tee as a bairnie ees't tae pass awa mony a sunny simmer oor, sittin cross-leggit in the grass, blawin the parachutes intae Kingdom Come athoot realisin, as far's they got micht o been intae a neeborin gairden.
And at a' times, ahint the pen that was movin, was a puir but leal Scots heart, fu' o' prayer that this sma' effort micht be acceptit o' the dear Maister--and, survivin a' the misca'in o' the pernickity and the fashionable--micht bring the memory o' a worthy tongue, and the better knowledge o' a Blessed Saviour, to this ane and that ane, as they micht chance to read it.
She his hid a lang-standing fascination (some micht even say affinity) wi' weird alien life forms and noo she is saving up for her trip tae Nevada, and is sittin' oot on her roof, looking up at the sky wi' a hipper o' single malt, and a massive tin foil hat on her strangely shaped heed.
The clivver wee moosie takkin the dander wis tae get the better o the muckle gruffalo bit it micht o been a different story gin their Bengal cat be on the prowl.
Comin late intae the muckle ballads I'm noo fair engross't bi the hairt an sowel at oor balladeers pit intae them an the wird o moo unaccompanie't singin micht still be for me.