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This suggests that he has just come from the country to the town, rather than that he has come from the market-place to the vicinity of Micio's house; for low eating houses would presumably be located around the market-place.(26) Confirmation is found in what he says at the end of this scene.
Gratwick even supposes that in Menander Ctesipho spent the preceding night at Micio's, with Demea's knowledge and approval, and was himself present at the abduction;(33) but this is a very improbable hypothesis, which involves supposing that a whole series of contrary indications in the Latin text are all due to Terence, and which is not supported by 355f.
There is a problem over Terence's staging, since Sannio enters with Aeschinus but Aeschinus must not meet Micio, who has just left for the forum at 154 in search of him.
This hypothesis would also absolve Menander of an anomaly in 286, trivial in itself, that Syrus prematurely promises to buy provisions for a party before he has received the money for that purpose from Micio (370).(44) At any rate there are grounds for suspecting some Terentian rewriting around the exits of Sannio, Ctesipho, and Syrus.
Drexler further argued that, since Aeschinus himself had no ready cash with which to pay Sannio but had to rely on Micio, he should not meet Sannio before he has secured a promise of money from Micio.
We know that Syrus met Micio and Aeschinus there (364ff.) and can reasonably assume that Sannio received payment there.
When Micio comes out of his house at 26, his first words clearly imply that neither Aeschinus nor the psaltria is inside.
23 Micio's soliloquy, too, "recovers for [him] some of the sympathy of the audience which he had lost in the preceding scene" (Grant, "The Ending of Adelphoe" 47 n.
Another reason why he is 'not homesick' is because, again unlike Camilo, Roullah and Geedi, he is able to travel back home to see his own family in India (and when he does, he takes Morandi and Micio along, so that they are his guests in his father's house).
Quando abbiamo fondato l'associazione ci trovavamo a Pontirolo, nella cascina del Micio, un amico che ci ospita ogni anno.
(1.) Citando la cascina del Micio (Gianfranco Azzali) parlo di un volume, non proprio un libro bensi un CD prezioso registrato da Alessandro Portelli, importante professore di Cultura americana all'Universita La Sapienza di Roma e infaticabile ricercatore e studioso della cultura di tradizione orale italiana.