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MICLMinimum Incremental Coding Length
MICLModesto Institute for Continued Learning (Modesto, CA)
MICLMarkerstudy Insurance Company Limited (UK)
MICLMerton Institute for Contemplative Living (Louisville, KY)
MICLMotors Insurance Company Limited (est. 1992; UK)
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The second product released by MICL is the GUIDE (Graphical User Interface for the DATAMINE Environment) 3D graphics system to allow such fully interactive data display, orebody modelling and mine design, using |point-and-check' methods in a graphics window.
and MICL are subsidiaries of Millennium Chemicals, Inc.
Dans le but d'ameliorer le service public destine aux citoyens, la wilaya d'Ouargla e ete selectionnee, auparavant par le MICL, parmi les wilayas pilote devant proceder au lancement de l'operation d'etablissement des documents biometriques (passeport et carte d'identite nationale) a partir des services de la commune.