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MICLMinimum Incremental Coding Length
MICLModesto Institute for Continued Learning (Modesto, CA)
MICLMarkerstudy Insurance Company Limited (UK)
MICLMerton Institute for Contemplative Living (Louisville, KY)
MICLMotors Insurance Company Limited (est. 1992; UK)
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L'identification des espaces habites fait partie des aspects de l'operation de modernisation lancee par le ministere de l'Interieur et des Collectivites locales (MICL) et qui a touche egalement l'amelioration du service public, a souligne, hier, a Ouargla, la directrice de la gouvernance locale au MICL.
The property, a free-standing garage building at 506-10 West 181st Street, near Yeshiva University in Inwood, was sold by 506-10 West 181 Street LLC, and bought by MICL LLC.
Along with our distribution relationship with MICL Ltd, Mattson's Israel operations will strengthen our ability to provide advanced technology products with enhanced customer and technical support for our customers in the region," said John J.