MICLICMine Clearing Line Charge
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The limiting factor in this qualification is the resourcing of a MICLIC charge and rocket.
The ESV is designed to neutralize obstacles and mark lanes using their mine-clearing plow, straight blade plow, mine-clearing rollers, and towing a trailer with MICLIC. SBCT engineers' most distinctive capability is that during the combined arms breach, they can reduce, proof, and mark a lane for the width of the Stryker vehicle.
Any time the MICLIC goes through heavy mud or deep water, the trailer wheel bearings need to be re-lubed.
CAUTION : The MICLIC should not be loaded during this test.
We have several trailer-mounted MICLICs that are MOD 1.
Keep it covered--A MICLIC that sits uncovered in the rain can have all its lubricants washed away.
* The MICLIC will destroy most pressure-activated mines in the 14- by 100-meter lane.
The NTC-approved MICLIC SDZ (shown below) is based on Department of the Army (DA) Pamphlet (Pam) 385-63, Range Safety, with each distance in the fragmentation zone rounded up to the nearest 100 meters.
(4) One can see the mobility focus in the organization of these companies as shown in Figure 1, page l0.A rough estimate of the unit's mobility capability is as follows: the three combat mobility platoons have a combined mobility capability of 400 to 900 kilometers of level 1 route clearance and 540 meters of mine-clearing line charge (MICLIC) lane reduction, plus rollers and plows.
Decide where to use the mine-clearing line charge (MICLIC), tank-mounted countermine equipment, and manual breach techniques.
Army armored vehicle-launched mine-clearing line charge (MICLIC) (AVLM); therefore, the OPFOR will simulate reduction with the MTK-2 using the same procedures as for the AVLM.
To improve the battlefield performance of combat engineers, in particular MICLIC employment, the 52d Infantry Division now mandates in-theater training on the MICLIC by RSOI4.