MICMMember of the Institute of Credit Management
MICMMelbourne Inner City Management (realtors; Victoria, Australia)
MICMMaster of International Construction Management (degree program; University of Florida)
MICMMulti-Variable Instrument Cost Model
MICMMaster Interface Control Matrix
MICMMultivariable Cost Model
MICMMember of the Institute of Conflict Management
MICMMagnetic Influence Counter Measures
MICMMancipia Immaculati Cordis Mariae (Latin: Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary; religious order)
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5 and 6, the outer zone of the MICM sample exhibit more obviously deformed cells and a little more uniform cellular shape and size distribution at all three positions compared with that of the MIM sample.
MICM MIM Cell parameter P1 P2 P3 P1 P2 P3 Mean aspect ratio 2.
So the DMTA testing was performed on both MICM and MIM samples.
Development Mechanism of Cellular Structure in Compression Stage of MICM
As mentioned above, the mold compression plays an important role in the development of final cellular structure in the MICM samples.
Here, the cellular structure at P2 in the 5 and 3-mm-thick MICM samples was given and analyzed.
In the purpose of further interpreting the aforementioned cellular development mechanism, MuCell[R] Analysis Module in Autodesk Moldlow Insight 2010, a commercial finite-element (FE) software, was implemented to simulate the pressures inside the cells corresponding to the time at the end of the compression during MICM.
To sum up, with the compression progressing, the collapse of some small cells and especially the decrease of the number of large cells result in narrower cell size distribution and more uniform cellular structure in the inner zone of the MICM sample.
From the forgoing, the mold compression has a significant effect on the foaming area and the shape, numbers and sizes of the cells across the part thickness, and so MICM can serve as a new technology to effectively improve the cellular structure of foamed parts.