MICNMobile Intensive Care Nurse
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MICN, microbial nitrogen (gr/day); EMPS, microbial efficiency (gr PB/Kg digestible organic matter-DOM); SUN, blood urea nitrogen (mg/dl); UNN, urea nitrogen in urine (gr/day).
Somewhere in the Pacific Northwest 130 years into the future thirteen-year-old orphan Alex Mic his trusty friend Spenser and his robot Timn (essentially a C3PO with an array of integrated weaponry) come into possession of one of the seven magic jewels hidden centuries before by the master wizard George Micn. The gem is capable of supplying an incredible amount of power to whatever object it's applied to.
* Authorization and assistance in maintenance and development of BLS, Limited-ALS, & ALS programs * Assistance in the approval and monitoring of training programs at the EMT-I, EMT-II, Paramedic and MICN levels * Assistance in the maintenance and development of triage and transfer protocols to facilitate prompt delivery of patients to appropriate designated facilities.