MICOAMutual Insurance Company of America
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During a country-wide inspection of the implementation of management plans in 13 forest concessions in 2011, it was discovered that virtually all concessions were at some level violating their legal obligations (MICOA 2012).
Primary among those, at this time, is the Nacala Corridor.Governmental partners for this programme include; the National Directorate of Territorial Planning (DINAPOT) at the Ministry for Coordination of Environmental Affairs (MICOA), the NationaJ Directorate of Municipal Development (DNDA), the National Directorate of Housing and Urban Development (DINAHU), the GAZEDA, the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC), tlie Ministry of Agriculture (MINAG), the Provincial Government, concerned District Administrators, tlie National Association of Municipalities of Mozambique(ANAMM), UN-Habitat will provide high level advisory services through its function as the secretariat of the Programme Steering Committee (PSC).
Executing Agency : Ministry of the Coordination of Environmental Affairs (MICOA) and Ministry of Agriculture (MINAG)
Lead executing agency: National Authority for Disaster Management (INGC) and Ministry of the Environment (MICOA)
In this respect, PEI is working closely with the MPD, the MICOA and environmental units in various sectors.