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MICRMagnetic Ink Character Recognition
MICRMinimally Interrupted Cardiac Resuscitation
MICRMinimum Internal Control Requirements (various companies)
MICRMaximum Individual Cancer Risk (air quality management measure)
MICRMember of the Institute of Clinical Research (European professional academic institute)
MICRMateriel Change Information Report
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Starting at just $39 per installation (Free through TrialPay offer), ezCheckPrinting is affordable for any size business and is compatible with all popular brands of laser printers (most of which can print bank-accepted MICR numbers) and specialized MICR printers.
A[cedilla] Xerox MICR Check Guarantee -- Xerox helps resolve any bank-reported MICR or reject rate problems.
Founded in 1987, Rosetta Technologies is dedicated to developing and marketing the world's most technically advanced printers, consumables, and software for magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) applications.
A train-the-trainer model was used to disseminate the MICR protocol to approximately 2000 EMS firefighters.
As a plus, VersaCheck offers its users a way to acquire an MICR check printer free with purchase of the software, which will continue to help the company succeed in the coming years.
While originally MICR was limited to magnetic ink used in the large printing presses that printed personal and business checks, as laser printers became popular, it was just a matter of time before MICR laser toner was developed.
- Standard USB connectivity provides flexible connection to PC-based applications - The industry's highest MICR read accuracy using RDM's patented Progressive MICR Method
Banks must do three things to make this happen: 1) Eliminate "heads-down" teller tasks by deploying behind-the-counter technology such as cash recyclers and MICR printers for checks and deposit slips.
If using an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system or legacy system, MICR data should be stored in the customer's master A/R record.
According to Church, the Xerox Phaser 5400 MICR-Enhanced Laser Printer Solution from ACOM is an ideal, affordable dedicated solution for companies with relatively high check volumes as well as for companies that want a unit that can perform both MICR and conventional printing tasks.
* At the point of sale (POS), the merchant's clerk rings the sale and swipes the customer's check in a magnetic ink code reader (MICR).