MICRORADMicrowave Radiometry and Remote Sensing of the Environment
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The amount of radiation exposure for lateral view at each time 180.4 microrads/square meter body surface area, and for Townes it was 290.6 microrads /square meter body surface area.
"These detectors are extremely sensitive and can pick up dose rates as small as 1 or 2 microrads per hour.
Quartiles of natural background radiation exposure defined as low [5.7-7.2 microrads per hour ([micro]R/hr)], low/medium (7.3-7.9 [micro]R/hr), medium/high (8.0-8.7 [micro]R/hr), and high (8.8-[greater than or equal to] 10.5 [micro][R/hr) were originally assigned to individuals residing within a 10-mile radius of TMI for the analysis by Hatch et al.