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The two microsats, built by a team of engineers from the University of the Philippines and science researchers from the Department of Science and Technology (DOST)-Advanced Science and Technology Institute, are part of the P800-million Philippine Scientific Earth Observation Microsatellite (PHL-Microsat) program.
The Norsat Ranger 60 microsat fits within a weather-tight, airline checkable package (IATA compliant).
One growing concern about microsat technology is its potential to interfere with the use of space by other nations.
With uses ranging from communications to oil exploration, the commercial space market is the world's fastest growing new industry, says Peter Diamandis, president of MicroSat Launch Systems Inc., a Virginia-based aerospace company.
He added: "PSLV-C44Eemission successfully injected into Microsat - R.
The 11 kg INS-1C and the 100 kg class Microsat were the two Indian co-passenger satellites of Cartosat-2.
As prime contractor, SNC has formed an integrated space team, including Boeing Intelligence and Security Systems (I&SS), ITT Space Systems and MicroSat Systems.
The allelic bp scores were entered into Microsat version 1.5d (Minch et al., 1997) to generate a distance matrix using [differential][[mu].sup.2], the stepwise mutation model (SMM) of Goldstein et al.
He added: "PSLV-C44 mission successfully injected into Microsat - R.
I felt goose bumps, teary-eyed even, proud that the Philippines was then flying its second microsatellite (microsat) to collect images or data to aid in various concerns in the country's agriculture, environment, disaster management and many others.
The genetic distance (D) among genotypes was computed with the program Microsat (Minch et al., 1997).
During the demonstration, a low SWaP GetSAT MicroSat terminal was installed on a vehicle, and a GetSAT Microhub modem installed in Avantis Gateway Earth Station in Cyprus.