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The Norsat Ranger 60 microsat fits within a weather-tight, airline checkable package (IATA compliant).
However, as the successful marketing of microsat capabilities demonstrates, far from migrating capabilities overseas, joint ventures result in greater product use and growing markets for all concerned.
Although MicroSat has not committed to using the site and its managers point out that the firm's business is being pursued by other states, they are serious enough about Poker Flat to have filed April 29 for MicroSat to become an Alaskan corporation.
The 11 kg INS-1C and the 100 kg class Microsat, the two Indian co-passenger satellites of Cartosat-2, are also being monitored and controlled from ISTRAC, Bengaluru.
The PHL Microsat program is a collaboration between the DOST, University of the Philippines Diliman and Japan's Hokkaido University.
As prime contractor, SNC has formed an integrated space team, including Boeing Intelligence and Security Systems (I&SS), ITT Space Systems and MicroSat Systems.
Later, the payload Microsat developed by the ISRO was taken down to a lower orbit at 359-kilometre height and launched using the 'multiple engine switch-on' method.
The genetic distance (D) among genotypes was computed with the program Microsat (Minch et al.
Engineer Ariston Gonzalez of the Philippine Microsat Program said the Diwata 1 satellite and the upcoming Diwata 2 satellite which will be launched next year have sophisticated optics such as a high-precision telescope, wide field camera, middle field camera and a multi spectral imager with liquid crystal tunable filter.