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The high CASA ratio of bank (35.58%) compared to its peers is also a big positive," says Jain of Microsec.
The S2000i-B features injection acceleration of 0 to 330 mm/s in less than 36 microsec, and 62.5-microsec control precision.
(2.54 cm) and the time taken 'T' is 8.9 microsec., then the velocity is calculated to be 2(1)/8.9 = 0.224719 in./microsec.
The software-based position observer provides flux tracking at a 200 microsec update rate estimating actual rotor position every, 400 microseconds.
Also, the company has a debt of just Rs 20 crore, which gives it space to expand," says Soumyadip Raha, an analyst at Kolkata-based research firm Microsec Securities.
The activeDynamics injection control is said to regulate even complex injection profiles with reaction times faster than 100 microsec (0.1 millisec).
Gargi Deb, research analyst, Microsec Capital, says, " The rupee depreciation may not benefit export- driven pharmaceutical companies which have taken forward covers to hedge the currency risk.
The machine is well suited for thinwall parts, providing up to 330 mm/s injection speed in less than 36 microsec and up to 500 mm/s in less than 30 microsec with an optional direct-connected injection unit for precision.
The relatively long interaction time (above 50 microsec) involved means convective alloying is associated with treatment by high-powered, continuous-wave [CO.sub.2] lasers, or sometimes by pulsed [CO.sub.2] lasers.