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"What we've learned in working closely with our customers is that no two mic'ing situations are the same; the smallest variable can make one mic selection perfect in one situation, and a disaster in another," said Yvonne Ho, sales and marketing VP for Point Source Audio.
"We are moving toward evidence-based policy making and MICs will be a good source for data and data analysis," he opined.
I think the broadcasters are told over and over again that they need to turn the stump mics down but they keep putting a lot of pressure on and keeping the stump mics on, which is unfortunate.
It will enable the decision makers at division and district levels by providing socio-economic indicators and provide the basis for comparison of the progress in relation to various key socio-economic indicators with previous rounds of MICS.
There are three defined Pk-Pd parameters: (i) percentage duration of time that free-drug concentration exceeds the MIC (%fT>MIC); (ii) the ratio of maximal drug concentration to MIC ([C.sub.max]:MIC); and (iii) the ratio of the area under the concentration-time curve at 24 hours to MIC (f[AUC.sub.0-24]:MIC).
"Higher pretreatment MIC values for either isoniazid or rifampin were associated with an increased risk of relapse, even after accounting for other potential risk factors for relapse," write the authors of an accompanying editorial.
Summary: The MIC in MIC Ventures is not short for Mission Impossible, Cruise.
The good news is that in the new MICs there has been a drastic decline in aid dependency, especially so in the 'genuine' MICs but also evident in the 'premature' new MICs too.
The MICS Punjab 2014 was also based on data collected in 2014 from more than 41,000 households using MICS five methodology which covered 125 socio economic indicators.
The present study was conducted to determine the susceptibility of MRSA isolates to various classes of anti-MRSA drugs such as vancomycin (glycopeptide), daptomycin (lipopeptide), tigecycline (glycylcycline) and linezolid (oxazolidinone) to determine the [MIC.sub.50] and [MIC.sub.90] values and to observe MIC creep, if any, with respect to these drugs.