MIDACMichigan Digital Automatic Computer
MIDACMicroprocessor Intelligent Data Acquisition & Control
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FTIR spectra of the dried resin in proton form mixed with potassium bromide, in the form of disks, were recorded on a MIDAC, M-Series FTIR instrument.
Belgian chemicals and detergents group Christeyns said it had agreed to buy Italian Midac, a supplier of professional hygiene systems for the food industry, without revealing the purchase price.
Whether the application is battlefield chemical warfare agent analysis, civilian hazardous event response, industrial stack, fenceline monitoring and analysis, or environmental research, the MIDAC AM System can provide continuous, unattended, near real-time detection at parts per billion to percent levels for hundreds of chemicals.
Other fuel analyzer manufacturers include Applied Instrument Technologies, the process instrument division of Hamilton Sundstrand; LT Industries, whose ParaFuel analyzer was introduced at Pittcon earlier this year; MIDAC; On-Site Analysis; Petrotest; Spectro; Tanaka Scientific and Zeltex.
Noninvasive human spectra were collected with a modified Midac M series Fourier transform infrared spectrometer.
* Testing - Properties (Compound) as well as test results (Daisy and MiDac) are stored according to their definition (drawn up using the test procedure facility).
DUST CONTROL EQUIPMENT Carter Midac, Carter Industrial Products Ltd, Bedford Road, Birmingham B11 1AY.
UV/Visible spectroscopic analysis of compounds (3a-3f) was recorded within the range of 200-600 nm on"HitachiU-2800" double beam spectrophotometer while FT-IR analysis was done using Midac FT-IR spectrophotometer (M2000) using KBr disc within the range of 400-4000cm-1.
KBr discs were used to record FTIR spectra on Midac Corporation FTIR spectrophotometer and values were reported in [cm.sup.-1].
FTIR spectra using KBr pellets were recorded on a Midac M-2000 Spectrometer (USA) within the range of 400-4000 cm-1 while Mass spectrum was recorded on GC-MS Schimadzo QP-2010 (Japan).
Leading vendors in this market are Axion Power International, Exide Technologies, SBS, East Penn Manufacturing, HOPPECKE Batterien, MIDAC Batteries, Navitas System, and Trojan Battery.