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MIDASMultiple Interface for Development of Applications System
MIDASMotif Interactive Data Analysis System
MIDASMulti-Tier Distributed Application Services Suite
MIDASMultifunction Infrared Distributed Aperture System
MIDASModels of Infectious Disease Agent Study
MIDASMissile Defense Alarm System
MIDASMotorway Incident Detection and Automatic Signalling (UK Highways Agency motorway system)
MIDASMigraine Disability Assessment Questionnaire
MIDASMultifunction in Dorm Automation System
MIDASMetal Ion-Dependent Adhesion Site
MIDASMan-machine Integration Design and Analysis System
MIDASMulti-Tier Distributed Application Services Suite (Borland)
MIDASMunitions Items Disposition Action System (demilitarization)
MIDASMoving Image Database for Access and Re-Use of European Film Collections
MIDASMultiplexer Integration and DCSS (Digitial Communications Satellite Subsystem) Automation System
MIDASMaterials In Devices As Superconductors
MIDASMarin Information and Data Access System
MIDASMulti-Discipline Data Analysis System
MIDASMultiallelic Interallelic Disequilibrium Analysis Software (genetic linkage disequilibrium analysis)
MIDASMultifunction Infrared Distributed Aperture System (infrared search and track system)
MIDASMaintenance Information Data Automation System
MIDASMarket Information Data Access System
MIDASManagement in A Distributed Application and Service Environment
MIDASMobile Instrumentation Data Acquisition System (US DOE)
MIDASModel of Ion Dynamics and Acidification of Soil
MIDASMachine Information Display and Automation System
MIDASMiscible Interface Dynamics and Simulation (experiment)
MIDASManagement Information Data Access System
MIDASMulti-Link Interoperability Data Analysis System
MIDASMicrosoft Image Deployment Accelerator Solution
MIDASMultilayer Integrated Devices in Advanced Silicon
MIDASModel for Inter-theater Deployment by Air and Sea
MIDASManagement Information & Data Accounting System
MIDASMine Detection & Avoidance System/Sonar
MIDASManagement Information Distribution Access System (DRMS)
MIDASModular Interactive Data Acquisition System
MIDASMultisensor Imagery Data Analysis System
MIDASMissile Defense Assessment Toolbox Stimulator
MIDASMultiuser Intelligence Data Acquisition System
MIDASMatter Irradiating Dissociative Acceleration System
MIDASMedical Information Data Analysis System
MIDASMaintenance Integrated Data Access System
MIDASMarine Intrusion Detection and Support (Marine Corps)
MIDASMicrofilm Digitization Access System (US Department of Homeland Security)
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The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) recently created a new law which provides tax incentives for opportunity fund investments like Midas Hospitality's Lancaster project.
Midas Gold's head office is located at 890 - 999 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, British Columbia V6C 2W2.
With the capability to collect, process, store, and analyze traveller information in real time and across an entire border network, MIDAS will enable the RMI Government to more effectively monitor those entering and exiting their territory, while providing a sound statistical basis for migration policy-related planning.
Culy brings several new solutions to Midas, such as large water work and highly specialised line stopping/tapping, creating a stronger solutions suite with highly specialised services diversified in customer base, end markets and geographies.
As per details, that in 26th Universal Services Fund (USF) dated 28-12-2011, accused Yousaf Raza Gillani (The then Prime Minister), being Minister for Information Technology (IT) and as chairman of Universal Services Fund (USF), directed to run media campaign for highlighting the achievements of Universal Services Fund (USF).Farooq Awan, former Secretary of Information Technology misused his authority in award of illegal publicity campaign through M/s Midas Pvt Ltd against rules and attempted to cause loss to national exchequer.
Then Ministry of IT secretary Farooq Awan 'misused his authority in award of illegal publicity campaign through M/S Midas Pvt Ltd against rules and attempted to cause loss to national exchequer.'
Midas CEO Inam Akbar violated the Press Information Department (PID) instructions and prescribed procedures regarding media campaigns and undertook the entire electronic media campaign without getting any written orders (release order) neither from the Ministry of Information Technology (MoIT) nor from the USF and served bill for payment.
'MIDAS will deliberate on how to overcome ISIS and other [extremist groups],' he added.
Part of the transaction is expected to close on or about May 15, and as long as Barrick maintains a minimum of 10% ownership in Midas Gold, it will be granted the right to appoint one director to Midas Gold board; a right to participate in future Midas Gold equity issuances; and a right of first refusal with respect to gold concentrates.
Midas construction director Dave Mitchell leads the team based in Midas's Newport office, working alongside Chris Jones, managing quantity surveyor.
There is no previous evidence of Anthaxia midas midas occurring in Asia; and this study now adds this species to the entomofauna of Asia and Anatolian.
Part of The Growth Company, MIDAS undertakes targeted lead generation campaigns that promote the region's key sectors to national and international markets.