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MIDCOMedical Instrumentation and Diagnostics Corp.
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Midco will utilize the Next-Gen Platform to seamlessly transition to IPTV by deploying TiVo's IPTV suite of solutions, including IPVOD, IP Linear, Restart, Catch-Up and Network DVR, across a host of clients.
FE Moran Security Solutions is a nationwide provider of electronic security, life safety and monitoring systems, MidCo Ceo Paul Janik added the company is one of the fastest growing independent security and network technology companies in the U.S.
Fitch established a strong linkage between Triton UK Midco Limited as holdings and Triton Solar US Acquisition Co, as borrower.
MidCo is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nesta Investment Holdings TopCo Ltd., which is in turn wholly-owned by Nesta Investment Holdings, L.P., an exempted limited partnership organised under the laws of the Cayman Islands.
Westhoff said the water well pump products account for 30% of the business' overall sales, and in the last five years, the MIDCO line has approached the same level.
Midco was hired to provide a truck and a driver, Nicholas Ciuba, to haul away the trees and vegetation.
The Attachment line is a 2.5 MW rated heating installation which utilises 16 x 12" Midco burner sections, configured as a straight assembly, and operates under a negative air pressure of 175 Pa.
* The person is a seller, a target, or a midco if, after the acquisition of the target stock, the buyer of the Target stock is the issuer of stock or securities that are publicly traded on an established securities market in the United States or is consolidated for financial purposes with such an issuer; or
2 A 15-year interest-free, non-repayable government "loan" in Midco dollars, but for the duration of the loan the Midco government would take a "dividend" each year of 20 per cent of the profits earned.
(Midco) earlier this year became the first domestic carrier to deploy the Cellworx STN platform.
The testing proves that Midco's next-generation LTE network can communicate with the SAS for the purpose of dynamic spectrum sharing, allowing Midco to continue closing the Digital Divide in rural America.
"Together, we are uniquely positioned to provide customers with the most comprehensive set of security, communication, network, and life safety solutions available," MidCo's President Paul Janik said about the sale.