MIDDMiddlebury College (Middlebury, Vermont)
MIDDModel-Informed Drug Development (US FDA)
MIDDMaternally Inherited Diabetes and Deafness
MIDDMonoclonal Immunoglobulin Deposition Disease (internal medicine)
MIDDMental Illness and Drug Dependency (government plan; Washington)
MIDDMitochondrial Diabetes and Deafness
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Employment at the MIDD necessitated specialized skills, principally in knowledge of sign language and teaching methods for the deaf.
The program was successful enough that The Voice, the organ of the Winnipeg Trades and Labour Council, complained in 1897 that the MIDD "select(s) one or two trades, such as printing and blacksmithing, and in consequence increase(s) an already too plentiful supply of men.
The centralizing nature of the MIDD necessitated that the government offer new kinds of financial assistance to citizens outside the metropolitan centre, which would ensure their ability to comply with the law without hardship.
McDermid may have argued steadily for incremental building improvements and funding increases to bring the MIDD up to North American standards, but he certainly recognized that the school could not carry on without the province's funding and leadership.
This model was not adopted by Manitoba in 1889, as the MIDD operated directly within the Manitoba Ministry of Public Works.
While this fact challenges a view of the MIDD as a charitable entity after the government takeover, it does not necessarily support an association of the school with asylums in an operational sense.
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