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MIDDIEMidshipman (US Navy)
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Examples: Taking base defenders up top, taking middies to X, and putting them together at the wings or side of the cage where all defenders seem uncomfortable.
"Our results suggest that dietary habits may affect cardiovascular risks beyond the earlier development and progression of disease in young adulthood and middie age."
To assess PAH homolog distribution for each collected sample, we further classified total PAHs into three categories: low molecular weights (LM-PAHs, containing two- to three-ringed PAHs), middie molecular weights (MM-PAHs, containing four-ringed PAHs), and high molecular weights (HM-PAHs, containing five- to seven-ringed PAHs).
media have no time for Arabs except as terrorists; and still the Middie East chops itself to death.
Schering-Plough has announced that nonprescription Claritin is being made available in five different forms in the middie of this month -- the same time the drug's patent expires.
"Diego Garcia is a British colony in the Indian Ocean, from which American bombers patrol the Middie East.
Jewish activism toward this end provoked riots throughout the Middie East,(45) reinforcing London's opposition to mass immigration.
When Thea leaves Chicago to rest and commune with nature, "The old, fretted lines which marked one off, which defined her--made her Thea Kronborg, Bowers's accompanist, a soprano with a faulty middie voice--were all erased" (Song of the Lark 233-34).
A balding candidate abruptly excused himself in the middie of an interview, to return to the office a few minutes later, wearing a hairpiece.
Data plots for absolute liver, kidney and testis weights, ampullary gland and bulbourethral gland greatest diameter, and total sperm counts were nonlinear with middie aged males showing significantly higher values than the younger animals as determined by AOV.
He conceived the vital center as occupying a middie position between purely bodily life and properly personal life.
I never really got to know "Middie" and I didn't care for her, although Diane had loved her for years.