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MIDESMinisterio de Desarrollo Social (Spanish: Ministry of Social Development; Guatemala)
MIDESMalware Intrusion Detection Expert System (IT security, informatics)
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to 12:00 a.m., which makes daily trips through Montevideo and provides telephone and face-to-face attention in the central building of Mides. There is also a gateway with the objective of receiving people driven by the Ministry of the Interior, within the framework of Law No.
Since 2016, the Sinae develops joint actions with the National Volunteer Program (Mides), to go through the cycle of incorporating volunteering into the institutional framework - planning, drawing up profiles, convening, selecting, inducing / training, monitoring, evaluating and recognizing - Through the elaboration and execution of strategies in integral risk management with focus on the generation of a preventive culture throughout the country.
For his part, the National Director of Social Policies of Mides, Matas Rodrguez, indicated that some 8,700 people signed up for 35 institutions in areas such as culture, disability, education and youth, among others.
The activity was attended by technicians from the General Directorate of Rural Development of the Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries (DGDR-MGAP) and Strategy of Rurality of the Ministry of Social Development (MIDES), the East Regional Team of the Plan Institute Agropecuario (IPA) and the Department of Associative Experiences of the INC.
Des appels d'offres pour realiser des projets dans le secteur de la jeunesse, des sports et la sante seront lances prochainement dont l'engazonnement des terrains de Mides et Tamaghza, l'extension de la maison de jeunes de Tamaghza, la restauration de nombre d'ecoles et la rehabilitation des centres de sante de base a Rmitha et Mides (delegation de Tamaghza).
Calls for tenders to carry out projects in the youth, sports and health sectors will be launched shortly, including the grassing of the Mides and Tamaghza sport fields, the extension of the Tamaghza youth centre, the restoration of a number of schools and the rehabilitation of basic health centres in Rmitha and Mides (Tamaghza delegation).
Al asumir el nuevo gobierno en ese ano, creo el Ministerio de Desarrollo Social (MIDES) y un conjunto de dispositivos centrales y locales, orientados a la articulacion y coordinacion del conjunto de componentes de proteccion con enfasis en la politica de asistencia.
In-house infant and toddlers clothing accessories brand - "MiDes" to enter Kidswant's sales network in the PRC; Tapping China market through approx.
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