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Data Set The table presents the Italian stocks belonging to the MIB30 and MIDEX indices during our sample period.
Analysis of all loans investigated in 2012 and submitted to MIDEX shows a five-year high of 69% of all reports received having some type of application misrepresentation or fraud.
Similarly from 2011 to 2012, 16% fewer reports of material misrepresentation involving industry professionals were submitted to MIDEX by subscribers.
For example, a state that has 5 percent of the cases reported to MIDEX for 2009 and also has 5 percent of the country's loan originations in the same year would have an MFI of 100.
The Mortgage Asset Research Institute's MIDEX database, which contains incidents involving mortgage industry professionals, classifies the types of alleged fraud and misrepresentation involved in each reported incident.
Extremely sensitive, the MIDEX benchtop system delivers highly accurate small spot measurement.
MIDEX and LFAS are key components of ChoicePoint's Identity Risk Management (IRM) solutions for the mortgage industry.
We feel a national database such as MIDEX is a great step toward helping the mortgage industry maintain its good reputation and remain a critical part of the American economy.
MIDEX already provides users the ability to review credentials and determine if there are sanctions or negative activities associated with mortgage industry professionals and/or companies such as mortgage brokers, lenders, loan officers, appraisers, real estate agents and securities agents.
MIDEX, one of three data bases developed by the Mortgage Asset Research Institute (MARI) of Reston, Virginia, contains nonpublic records of alleged fraud, material misrepresentation and serious misconduct, in addition to public records of various disciplinary hearings.