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MIDGEMinimalistic Immunologically Defined Gene Expression (modified genetic material)
MIDGEModified Inverted Downdraft Gasifier Experiment
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Aled Owen right, Midge Welsh buyers were prominent, however, with the next three best priced dogs - all from Irish breeders - finding new homes in Wales.
The NFU issued information about the product as concern grows about potential Schmallenberg infection by midges biting livestock over the next few weeks.
"With climate change projecting warmer, wetter weather leading to larger midge populations, these could prove a very useful alternative in reducing their numbers." The research team already knew that the insect-killing fungus could successfully kill larvae of the midge and therefore could reduce inputs of harmful chemical pesticides.
Lucy Gould, of the Gould trio, was a close friend and her suggestion for the trio to provide the entertainment for Midge's 90th birthday party made the occasion highly special and memorable.
Next week, Midge, 57, will be joining the Here & Now tour at the ECHO arena Liverpool.
Also, according to the study that examined the feeding preferences of the holiday-wrecking insects, women seem to react more than men to the midges.
They are attracted to the breath of humans, so a crowd of visitors sends out a vapour trail that makes the midges think all their Christmases have come at once.
Nine nonallelic resistant genes were identified in inheritance studies of gall midge resistance using approximately 100 different rice lines as donors.
Proving that VSV can make it into the midge's salivary glands and eggs and can be excreted--without killing the midge in the process--brings Drolet closer to confirming that Culicoides is a vector of VSV.
Midge realised there was a lot of work still to do and, while Bob went off recruiting fellow stars to record a charity record, Midge got in touch with the one man who he felt could take it on to the next step, Geordie superstar Sting.
'Visitors to Scotland see the country as near perfect, apart from the X-factor of course - the midge,' she said.
On such days, a thick, late-morning midge hatch is an indicator that an afternoon BWO hatch is on the way, as both insects prefer overcast conditions.