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MIDISMotor Insurance Database Information System (UK)
MIDISMulti-band Identification and Discrimination Imaging Spectroradiometer
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Tom van Rijsewijk, a Division Director for MIDIS said: The 140 million fundraising by Sonnedix attracted strong interest from both European and US investors MIDIS being the largest participant among them.
Midis Group is a privately-owned group of IT companies with over 4,500 employees in sales, technical support and operations.
Andrew Robertson, Co-Head of MIDIS, explains: By comparing the debt investments originated in MIDIS UK inflation-linked pooled fund with the constituents of a corporate bond index, we estimate the combined LDI benefits and illiquidity premium are equivalent to a yield enhancement of approximately 1.3 per cent per annum above corporate bonds.
Kit Hamilton, Head of MIDIS Investment Team said: As we receive more European mandates from our clients, we are also seeing a growing demand from European infrastructure assets for long term funding.
MIDIS has raised total commitments of Au979 million $1.56 billion from 11 major institutions to invest in UK inflation linked debt and is targeting investment-grade issuers in sectors such as utilities, renewables, transport and social housing.
Our MIDIS platform is a break-through technology that greatly reduces time to market by using a standardized process, rather than developing each new device from the ground-up, while making no compromises in performance, said Donald Robert, VP of Marketing at Teledyne DALSA Semiconductor.
According to Atamuno, though expatriates are expensive, Midis aim to develop local workers in the industry and move them to the international market.
Musical examples are well-recorded in audio (as opposed to MIDI), and the range of composers and historical material is more comprehensive than other software-based music appreciation titles.