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MIDSMultifunctional Information Distribution System
MIDSMidi Sample
MIDSMatrix Information and Directory Services (USA)
MIDSMultifunction Information Distribution System
MIDSMunicipal Infrastructure Data Standard (Canadian standard for a sewer, water and road infrastructure database)
MIDSMonthly Income Debt Securities
MIDSMidshipmen Information System (US Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland student information database
MIDSModular Isolated Deck Structure
MIDSMaster in International Dispute Settlement
MIDSMiniature Intrusion Detection System
MIDSMiniaturized Interoperable Data System
MIDSManagement Information & Data System
MIDSMobile Imagery Dissemination System
MIDSMeteorological Information Display System
MIDSMulti-Purpose Information Display System
MIDSModular Integrated Deck Structure
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Concerning near-term fielding of MIDS JTRS, MIDS Program Manger Capt.
With both the fielding of MIDS JTRS and the upgrade to MIDS-LVT, the MIDS program will advance even closer toward its goal to increase situational awareness across borders and around the world.
Moreover, some observers believe that the MID know-how was concentrated among too few companies.
Today, two-shot molding and hot stamping are the two most widely used MID processes.
LCPs are widely used in small parts and two-shot components that require high flow and high heat resistance to withstand soldering of electronic connections to the MID circuitry.
[] Second, if TAMs 9436005 and 9449001 are any indication, the swing vote premium should almost always be smaller than the MID.(19) TAM 9449001, in particular, highlights the opportunity to mitigate or avoid the swing vote premium through proper planning--the greater the number of shareholders needed to exercise control, the smaller the swing vote premium that can be imposed.
The Service ruled that the son's interest was not to be aggregated with the father's; therefore, the estate was entitled to a MID. There was no discussion of a swing vote premium to reduce the MID, which is correct because the son already had control.
The Tax Court denied a MID for the 0.88% gifts and on the 49.65% included in the decedent's estate.
On a timely filed Federal gift tax return, the stock was valued at approximately $50 per share, representing the net asset value of the corporation less a 25% MID and LOMD.
On a timely filed Federal estate tax return, the estate valued both the Class A voting and the Class B nonvoting stock at $22.43 per share, by applying a 45% MID and LOMD.