MIDS-LVTMultifunctional Information Distribution System - Low Volume Terminal
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Government's commitment to maintaining the long-term viability of MIDS-LVT radios deployed worldwide, which will ensure continued tactical data link capability and interoperability with Link 16 equipped platforms and warfighters into the future."
The MIDS-LVT and MIDS-JTRS (Joint Tactical Radio System) terminals are now the 'industry standards' as far as Link-16 terminals are concerned.
DLS' MIDS-LVT allows the exchange of real-time situational awareness information and voice communications across the battle space.
ViaSat Inc (Nasdaq:VSAT) announced on Wednesday the award of a development contract by the US government for Block Upgrade 2 (BU2) hardware and software upgrades to its Multifunctional Information Distribution System-Low Volume Terminals (MIDS-LVT) Link-16 terminals.
These MIDS-LVT airborne terminals are for US government aircraft as well as over 50% to FMS sales.
To that end, MIDS-LVT terminals are successfully integrated into a diverse, yet complementary set of platforms, including ships, aircraft, missile defense systems, and national and international command and control agencies.
The contract encompasses the development, prototype delivery, testing, and integration of a cryptographic module that is designed to be integrated into a variety of MIDS-LVT hardware variants.
The $24,629,000 follow-on contract awarded to Data Link Solutions calls for the delivery of MIDS-LVTs to the United States, Finland, Pakistan and Hungary.
Reportedly, the MIDS JTRS joint development by ViaSat and Data Link Solutions is part of the US government programme to provide a migration path from the MIDS-LVT terminal to certified, reprogrammable, software-defined radio architecture for tactical data links.
MIDS JTRS is a joint development of ViaSat and Data Link Solutions and provides a migration path from the MIDS-LVT to a certified, reprogrammable, software-defined radio architecture for tactical data links.
It is based on the MIDS-LVT Link 16 receiver-transmitter, but includes additional software to allow the system to interface to the ship's combat system.
ViaSats Ken Peterman, senior vice president and general manager, Government Systems Division added, We look forward to working with MDA to establish a Canadian repair and maintenance facility, especially as our Link 16 radiosfrom MIDS-LVT, Small Tactical Terminals, MIDS JTRS, and other Next Generation productsbecome increasingly deployed throughout the region.