MIDZMafikeng Industrial Development Zone (South Africa)
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Midz scoffed at the board's puritanical rules of censorship whereby morality was measured in terms of the number of seconds a breast could be shown - two breasts were taboo!
Midz was a softie when it came to romance and love stories.
And I thank Tita Midz for many introductions, and for treating me like family.
Cayabyab wrote in a Twitter post, 'I have no words but profound thanks, Tita Midz. May God's angels carry you on their wings and bring you straight to His Kingdom, with glorious music and joyful, boundless mirth accompanying you on your way!!!'
Writer-director Joey Javier Reyes bid goodbye to the singer-actress and said, 'Goodbye, Tita Midz. There can ONLY be ONE Armida Siguion Reyna.'
'Bravo, Tita Midz. Be with the angels now and let your legacy continue to inspire Filipino artists for generations to come,' Lana added.
Tita Midz was in her element, kicking poor Nora Aunor down the stairs and then using the atsay's face to wipe the floor clean.