MIEEIPMalaysian Industrial Energy Efficiency Improvement Project
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In addition, many projects such as Malaysia Energy Efficiency Improvement Programed (MIEEIP) and Centre for Education and Training on the Renewable Energy and energy efficiency (CETREE) and Demand Side Management (DSM) was also introduced by the government through KeTHHA to encourage the utilizations of the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in Malaysia (Homer, H.O.M.f.E.R., 2006).
Furthermore, the government had also taken an initiative to encourage the generation of renewable energy by enhancing the FiT rate and introducing Renewables Energy related project such as Small Renewable Energy Program (SREP), Malaysia Energy Efficiency Program (MIEEIP), Centre of Training and Education in Renewable Energy and Energy efficiency (CETREE), Biogen, MBIPV and Suria 1000 projects.
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