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(4) Einige jungere diskursanalytische Studien sozialwissenschaftlicher Ausrichtung beschaftigen sich mit Landschaft (Hokema 2013, Gailing und Leibenath 2012) und Stadtplanung(Mieg und Oevermann 2015).
Algunos de los argumentos sobre los que descansa esta decision, son encabezados por el encuentro con algunas investigaciones que recuperan las teorias de referencia (Adams, Hean, Sturgis & Macleod Clark, 2006; Fagermoen 1997; Gaskell y Leadbetter, 2009; Mieg, 2008; Shim, Hwang & Lee, 2009), que utilizan el metodo cualitativo.
Mieg, The Social Psychology of Expertise: Case Studies in Research, Professional Domains, and Expert Roles 2-9 (2001).
Por su parte, Mieg (2008) realiza una propuesta de analisis de la profesionalizacion y la identidad profesional de expertos ambientalistas; en esta, lleva a dos niveles teoricos la revision: por un lado, el nivel sociologico, en el que incluye la vision del campo en relacion a la configuracion de la profesionalizacion; por otra parte, el nivel psicologico, en el cual recupera la teoria de la identidad y la propuesta de Hausser (1995, citado por Mieg 2008), quien considera tres componentes esenciales en la configuracion de la identidad: auto-concepto, auto-estima (profesional) y control de creencias (control beliefs).
Contents: Concerto for Horn and Orchestra, Jost Meier; Album Leaves for Flute and Chamber Orchestra, Eric Gaudibert; Concerto for Two Pianos and Orchestra, Peter Mieg.
Mieg (2000) implemented university- based projects for local sustainable development and he found that big conflicts between professionals and organizations are seen, which means a need to solve these conflicts to make the concepts of sustainability clear for all society members and to have common understanding to put it in action towards education for sustainability.
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Designed by a Bavarian Army officer, Armand Mieg, who also worked on the 7.9x57 cartridge, the barrel jacket, which contacts the front receiver ring and the muzzle, was engineered to control barrel vibrations and minimize the effects of stock warp age.
In addition to the companies fined, the Commission's investigation had involved Germany's Ackermann Nahgarne, British groups Donisthorpe & Company, Hicking Pentecost and Perivale Gutermann, Bisto Holding in the Netherlands and Dollfus Mieg et Cie in France.
The author, Don Juan Mieg, was a Swiss scientist who became director of the Spanish Royal Physics Cabinet as recorded in W.
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