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MIFMultilateral Investment Fund
MIFManchester International Festival (UK)
MIFManagement Information Format
MIFMatsumae International Foundation (Japan)
MIFMelanoma International Foundation (est. 2003)
MIFMultiple Image Facility
MIFMultiplayer Interactive Fiction
MIFMaintenance Interface
MIFMapinfo Import File
MIFMac Independent Function
MIFMetafile Interchange Format
MIFMaker Interchange Format
MIFMiddle Infielder (baseball)
MIFMicro-Immunofluorescence (chlamydia)
MIFMilk Industry Foundation (International Dairy Foods Association)
MIFMortgage Insurance Fund (various locations)
MIFMigration Inhibition Factor
MIFMethod Inheritance Factor (software)
MIFMultinational Interim Force
MIFMilk in First (British)
MIFManagement Information File
MIFMultinational Interception Force
MIFMaritime Interception Force
MIFMaritime Interdiction Force
MIFMüllerian inhibiting factor
MIFMigration Impacts Forum (UK)
MIFMachines in Field (copier industry)
MIFMemory Initialization File
MIFModule Interconnection Facility
MIFMalaysian Islamic Finance
MIFMaster Index File
MIFMathematical Inventions Firm (India)
MIFMission Index Flying (US Air Force)
MIFMaster Item File
MIFMathematics in Finance (international conference)
MIFMadison Investment Fund
MIFMiners' International Federation (Belgium)
MIFMake It Fit
MIFMostarski Interkulturalni Festival (Croatian: Mostar Intercultural Festival; Mostar, Bosnia Herzegovina)
MIFMedical Imaging Forum (Japan)
MIFMembership Information Form
MIFMulti-Lateral Interchange Fee
MIFManeuver Item File
MIFMackinac Island Fudge (Saginaw, MI)
MIFMaster Inventory File
MIFMulticultural Initiatives Fund (Canada)
MIFMen in Field
MIFMisreported Information Factor (insurance)
MIFMSX Interchange Format (graphical file format)
MIFMissile In Flight
MIFModule Integration Facility
MIFMicrometeoroid Induced Failure (US NASA)
MIFManagement Integration Framework
MIFMANPER Interface File
MIFMobile Instrumentation Facility
MIFMalfunction Investigation File
MIFMarginal Importance Factor
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Estos resultados sugieren que el ejercicio incrementa la expresion de MIF en el higado y puede prevenir la esteatosis activando la viaAMPK (40).
According to the researchers, the key here is burying a distinct MIF signal in deep sea sediments, which are then subducted and removed from Earth's surface.
This builds on the Commission's announcement in October of plans for a regulation on MIFs in 2013.
At that point, Fonkoze Director Anne Hastings contacted Greg Watson, a MIF specialist who had worked with Fonkoze previously on a project to improve the distribution of remittances.
As the agreement between the BBC and the MIF is still at its early stages, some issues and responsibilities will be tackled project by project.
Ubiquitously, MIF is expressed constitutively and secreted in a circadian manner in bodies.
But MasterCard's MIF was an open payment card scheme which was deemed incompatible with EU competition rules because it does not contribute to technical and economic progress in Europe and does not benefit consumers.
The MIF, chaired by two ministers, was set up in June this year to gather evidence and recommend ways of dealing with challenges raised by immigration across the country.
The MIF will announce the first winner of the prize next October.
Publix received the MIF GRAND Pioneer Award for proactively reaching out to members of its congressional delegations, according to IDFA.
In contrast to the SIF and MR models, the MIF model simultaneously fits separate logistic regression equations for each informant (Horton, Laird, and Zahner 1999; Pepe, Whitaker, and Seidel 1999).
The aim of the present study was to retrospectively diagnose suspected rickettsial disease (scrub typhus) by using MIF assay and molecular methods in patients with acute febrile illness of unknown origin.