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MIFMultilateral Investment Fund
MIFManchester International Festival (UK)
MIFManagement Information Format
MIFMatsumae International Foundation (Japan)
MIFMelanoma International Foundation (est. 2003)
MIFMultiplayer Interactive Fiction
MIFMetafile Interchange Format
MIFMapinfo Import File
MIFMaintenance Interface
MIFMac Independent Function
MIFMultiple Image Facility
MIFMaker Interchange Format
MIFMiddle Infielder (baseball)
MIFMicro-Immunofluorescence (chlamydia)
MIFMilk Industry Foundation (International Dairy Foods Association)
MIFMortgage Insurance Fund (various locations)
MIFMigration Inhibition Factor
MIFMethod Inheritance Factor (software)
MIFMultinational Interim Force
MIFMilk in First (British)
MIFManagement Information File
MIFMultinational Interception Force
MIFMaritime Interception Force
MIFMaritime Interdiction Force
MIFMüllerian inhibiting factor
MIFMigration Impacts Forum (UK)
MIFMachines in Field (copier industry)
MIFMemory Initialization File
MIFModule Interconnection Facility
MIFMinority Issues Forum (Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences)
MIFMalaysian Islamic Finance
MIFMaster Index File
MIFMathematical Inventions Firm (India)
MIFMission Index Flying (US Air Force)
MIFMaster Item File
MIFMathematics in Finance (international conference)
MIFMadison Investment Fund
MIFMiners' International Federation (Belgium)
MIFMake It Fit
MIFMostarski Interkulturalni Festival (Croatian: Mostar Intercultural Festival; Mostar, Bosnia Herzegovina)
MIFMedical Imaging Forum (Japan)
MIFMembership Information Form
MIFMulti-Lateral Interchange Fee
MIFManeuver Item File
MIFMackinac Island Fudge (Saginaw, MI)
MIFMaster Inventory File
MIFMulticultural Initiatives Fund (Canada)
MIFMen in Field
MIFMSX Interchange Format (graphical file format)
MIFMisreported Information Factor (insurance)
MIFMissile In Flight
MIFModule Integration Facility
MIFManagement Integration Framework
MIFMANPER Interface File
MIFMicrometeoroid Induced Failure (US NASA)
MIFMobile Instrumentation Facility
MIFMalfunction Investigation File
MIFMarginal Importance Factor
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MIF doesn't act alone, the researchers discovered when they took progenitor cells from the bone marrow of mice and allowed the cells to grow both with and without MIF and two other immune factors, TNF[alpha] and IFN[gamma].
The lyophilized MIF and sTREM-1 calibrators were reconstituted in PBS-10 g/L BSA, mixed with the suPAR-containing calibrator to form a 3-component concentrate, and stored in 10-[micro]L aliquots at -80[degrees]C.
The technology acquisition agreement entitles AVANIR to full worldwide rights, title and interest to Ciblex's MIF technology for the treatment of a variety of inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.
Additionally, the MIF's operating performance ratios are strong, though the increased size of the state transfer amount over the past several years has minimized the benefit of the mortgage surtax receipts as an external revenue source.
Currently, there is an important necessity in the research of new and more specific cardiac biomarkers that will be useful in the diagnostic and a better stratification in the different clinical conditions of the ACS; therefore, the aim of this study was to assess the mRNA expression of MIF gene and its serum levels in the clinical manifestations of ACS.
We recently identified macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF) as a key regulator of ARE-mediated gene expression by chemical biology approach using BTZO-1, a 1,3-benzothiazin-4-on derivative, as chemical probe [32].
The report provides comprehensive information on the Macrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor (Glycosylation-Inhibiting Factor or L-Dopachrome Isomerase or MIF or EC , targeted therapeutics, complete with analysis by indications, stage of development, mechanism of action (MoA), route of administration (RoA) and molecule type.
According to the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF), a member of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Group, remittances to Latin America and the Caribbean set a record high in 2014.
Global Banking News-February 12, 2015--Executive director to retire from MIF
Actualmente, se considera al tejido adiposo como un organo endocrino activo, que secreta mediadores importantes de la inflamacion, tales como la interleucina-6 (IL-6), el factor de necrosis tumoral-[alfa] (TNF-[alfa]), la resistina, la interleucina-8 (IL-8), la proteina quimioatrayente de monocitos-1 (MCP-1), la interleucina 1-[beta] (IL-1[beta]) y el factor inhibidor de la migracion de macrofagos (MIF).