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MIFFMiami International Film Festival (Florida)
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MIFFMalaysian International Furniture Fair (trade show)
MIFFMaine International Film Festival
MIFFMumbai International Film Festival (India)
MIFFMontezuma International Film Festival (Montezuma, Costa Rica)
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The Victorian Coalition Government has funded a program through the State Budget that will deliver four stand-alone regional weekends and the screening of high-profile MIFF Premiere Fund films.
The new Effective Communication team members Miff Riley, left, and Katherine Williams-Davies
Maitham has been very lucky in that he has a number of talented friends and family he can call on to act in his films, including Layth, who starred in Raneen and won best actor at MIFF despite it being his first film.
The MIFF for 2008-2010 is the first financial framework under the new IPA.
Added MIFF and Film Divisions director Raghu Krishnan, "This festival is giving a platform for these films to encourage theatrical, video and TV distribution.
JIMMY MIFF, a Uttoxeter course specialist who won the Midlands Grand National there in 1979, has died at the age of 28, writes Graham Green.
Dr Khalid Abdul Rahim Al Zadjali, chairman of the Oman Film Society, wrote in Cine Oman, the official magazine of the society, that delegates from more than 60 countries have confirmed their participation in the MIFF.
The Muscat International Film Festival was the first step in the journey to establish a film industry in Oman," said Khalid Al Zadjali, chairman of Miff and the Oman Film Society, in his opening speech.
MIFF is also in talks with filmmakers from around the world who would like to premiere their films at the festival in March.
The Gazette editorial had a rather poignant last sentence, "but it's people such as Miff who helped build the Tees Valley's strong industrial roots - and the part they played should always be remembered".