MIFGMultiple-Input Floating Gate (transistors)
MIFGPatches of Shallow Fog Not Deeper Than 2 Meters
MIFGMaximum Impact for God
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(43) They also identified regions of the brain (i.e., the IFG, miFG, SFG, and cuneus) where users of either alcohol or marijuana showed greater brain response than nonusers during novel word encoding, whereas users of both substances resembled nonusers.
Squeglia and colleagues used a spatial working memory task and also reported significant sex differences, such that binge drinking females showed less activation than control subjects, and binge drinking males showed greater activation than control subjects in the SFG, IFG, ACC, miFG, miTG, superior temporal gyrus, and cerebellum.
One study found that, at baseline, adolescents who went on to engage in heavy drinking had reduced brain response during successful inhibition in the DLPFC, miFG, SFG, IFG, meFG, paracentral lobules, cingulate, putamen, miTG, IPL, and pons, compared with adolescents who remained alcohol naive.