MIFSMember of the Institute of Financial Services (UK)
MIFSMoscow International Film School
MIFSMelksham Independent Financial Services (Wiltshire, UK)
MIFSMinimum Inter-Frame Space
MIFSMulticast Inter-Frame Space
MIFSMore Intensive and Flexible Services (est. 1996; Australia)
MIFSMissing If Construct Plus Statements (software fault)
MIFSMission Information Server
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To help understand the significance of t(1;10)(p22;q24) translocation in HFLT, MIFS, and PHAT, we reviewed the clinicopathologic features of these tumors and the current views on their relationship.
United Microelectronics Corporation (NYSE: UMC; TWSE: 2303), a global semiconductor foundry, has announced that its board of directors has approved for the company to fully acquire Mie Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited (MIFS), a 12-inch wafer foundry based in Mie, Japan, from Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited, the company said.
They improved the MIFS scheme to propose MIFS-U by making modifications as follows
In general, GALR, SVM, Filter-MISF, and MISF show excellent validity in the KDD dataset series; FMISF, MIFS, FLCFS, and Chi-Square are more valid in the NSL-KDD dataset; the feature fusion techniques with high-validity are FMIFS, MIFS, and FLCFS in the Kyoto 2006+ dataset.
Macrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor (MIF) as a Key Regulator of Antioxidant Response Element (ARE) System
PCS has focused on pipeline and related energy construction projects for its tool, Mobile Inspection Forms[TM] (MIF), but it is applicable to operations in which the recordkeeping for safety/reliability testing makes it imperative the chances of human error can be virtually eliminated.
(141) Like the GC, (142) it underscored the adverse distributional effect of the MIFs. In the Court's view, the MIFs were problematic because they reduced "the possibility of prices [for merchants] dropping below a certain threshold." (143) By imposing a higher fee on the acquiring banks, the MIFs inflated the base for the calculation of the MSC subsequently charged by acquiring banks to merchants.
Com implantacao da reciclagem no sistema produtivo evitou-se contaminacao no compartimento abiotico em 46.396,0kg mensais (soma dos MIFs do compartimento abiotico), que contribuiu com a reducao da poluicao que causa o aquecimento global, o desgaste da camada de ozonio etc.
While the three-way talks are still currently at technical expert level, there is very little in the dossier that could be described as politically difficult, apart from the cap on multilateral interchange fees (MIFs), which has elicited stiff opposition from industry.
The fees, best known by their acronym MIFs (multilateral interchange fees), have been the object of a legal dispute between the EU authorities and the major payment cards companies (MasterCard and Visa).
Two feature selection criteria are also compared in the paper: the mutual information feature selection (MIFS) criterion and the max-relevance min-redundancy (mRMR) criterion.
In addition, block-acknowledgement (B-ACK) mode was examined because it helps to save wasteful control space because duration of minimum interframe space (MIFS) between data transmissions is much shorter than short interframe space (SIFS).