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MIGETMultiple Inert Gas Elimination Technique
MIGETMultiple Inert-Gas-Exchange Technique (physiology)
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It wasn't until the young Santana and his sister went to piano teacher Marcia Miget that his music settled in on the keyboard.
Musical director Abel Sanchez brought on an all-star band of resident musicians under the banner of "The Voices of Latin Rock Revue." The cast included Abel Sanchez (musical director), Jorge Santana and Gabe Manzo (guitars), David George, Roger Aires and Greg Errico (drums), Tony Menjivar (congas), Gibby Ross, Karl Perazzo and Richard Segovia (timbales), Bill Ortiz (trumpet), Frank Bailey and Mic Gillette (trumpets), Marcia Miget (sax), Victor Bejarano, Gary Luenberger and Herman Eberech (keyboards), Jose Santana and herrera Sisters (vocals), Brad T Bird (bass), Carlos Reyes (violin and harp), and the original Malo Band honorees: Arcelio Garcia, Richard Bean, Pablo Tellez, Abel Zarate, Raul Rekow, Leo Rosales, and Jorge Santana.