MIHEMarkfield Institute of Higher Education (UK)
MIHEMinority Institutions of Higher Education
MIHEMake It Happen Entertainment (music promotion; New York)
MIHEMayapur Institute for Higher Education (India)
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Front Row Middle: Mihe Gaomab II (Chairman) Front Row Seated: Elsie Beukes (Trustee), Sarafina Kandere (Trustee) Back Row (Left to Right): Rudolph Kamerika (Trustee), Goms Menette (Trustee), Heinrich lita (Trustee), Maria Dax (Trustee), Hubert Mootseng (Trustee), I-Ben Nashandi (Trustee), Front Row Standing: David Nuyoma (CEO)
The judges, who were studying Islamic financial systems, law and arbitration for three days at MIHE, were given a tour of the bank's offices.
The implementation of educational and training programme through academic co-operation with the said institutions and the establishment of MIHE could be considered as a wise decision by the IF in the context of da'wah in Britain.
Heinrich Mihe Gaomab II Chief Executive Officer and Secretary to the Namibian Competition Commission
Mihe Gaomab II said this week that caution should be taken by those suggesting that Government's Infant Industry Protection policy is responsible for increases of basic foodstuffs and commodities, such as poultry, meat and dairy.
Most of the participating institutions are Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and other Minority Institutions of Higher Education (MIHE).
In a recent interview, the Commission CEO, Mihe Gaomab II told a local business magazine, Namibia Business Journal, that the process of revising the Competition Act has commenced and the expectation is to include consumer protection provisions in the revised Act to protect consumers in Namibia.
CEO of the NaCC, Mihe Gaomab II said it is significant that the MoA is signed at a time when the ECB is undergoing a transformation that will see it transforming into a multi-sectoral energy regulator that will not only oversee electricity but also gas and renewable energy.
According to the commission's chief executive and secretary to the commission, Mihe Gaomab II, the approval conditions were in the interest of preventing any collusive or coordinated behaviour that would undermine the free and spirited competition for all entities in that sector, including Telecom and MTC.
The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) announced that it has awarded $1 million in cost-sharing cooperative agreements to Minority Institutions of Higher Education (MIHEs) to conduct transportation research and technology activities.