MIHMMaster of International Hospitality Management (Auckland University of Technology course study)
MIHMMember of the Institute of Healthcare Management (UK)
MIHMManagerial Issues in Hazardous Materials (various locations)
MIHMMinimally Invasive Heller Myotomy (gastroenterology)
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Obviously, the Bulls drafted Texas center Chris Mihm, but immediately traded him for Jamal Crawford, the best player in the Class of 2000 by a wide margin.
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Regarding Jackson's appointment, Mihm commented: "Mark has a proven track record for being an accomplished leader and establishing a culture of quality excellence.
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(15) Piecing these 2 seemingly disparate facts together, Mihm et al suggested that hemangioma might represent "benign metastases" originating from the placenta or other cells that proliferate in areas of low oxygen tension, such as the "end artery, vascular dead end" sites occurring in embryonic fusion planes.
1989, 1992; Mihm 1983) ranging from 1 = no foliar damage (highly resistant) to 9 = severe foliar damage (totally susceptible).
by Stephen Mihm The Flint water plant stands in Flint, Michigan, US, on Friday, February 7, 2016.
(4) In 1980, Lopansri and Mihm published a case report and reviewed 5 similar cases; they suggested the terms calcifying epitheliocarcinoma of Malherbe and pilomatrix carcinoma, referring to the malignant form of pilomatrixoma.
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