MIIAMassachusetts Interlocal Insurance Association
MIIAMember of the Institute of Internal Auditors (Institute of Internal Auditors, UK)
MIIAMedical Intelligence & Information Agency (Army)
MIIAModernized IRS Information Architecture
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Since the launch of MiIAs rewards-based approach in 2002, municipalities in Massachusetts have worked to find new ways to lower their costs and mitigate risk through both employee education and assessment of potential risk areas.
According to John Kelly, Operations Manager for MIIA, "We have been with the same technology provider throughout our 30 year history, but determined that we needed to seek out other solutions to help us grow and provide expanded services to our members.
Berlin participates in this and other no-cost MIIA training and educational courses to enhance employee safety and reduce risk.
Upon completion of these and other MIIA risk- and loss-prevention programs, participating communities are eligible for insurance premium credits through the MIIA Rewards Programs.
Town Administrator Michael Guzinski told the Board that "Douglas does get credits and rebates back as any profits made by MIIA goes back to member towns.
Active employees, who are currently offered the Massachusetts Interlocal Insurance Association's HMO Blue plan, would be offered a value-enhanced plan by MIIA, Fallon Community Health Plan or Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, depending on what proposals come in from a request for proposals.
They made the decision after being assured by MIIA that the fiscal 2014 rate, beginning July 1, 2013, will stay the same and the rate for fiscal 2015 will not exceed 2.
MIIA awards loss control grants to its member municipalities to fund equipment purchases and implement training programs that address safety and loss prevention issues.
In other business, Town Administrator Carol Richards said the Fire Department, through EMT Michael Pingitore, has a received a $5,000 grant to buy an emergency response trailer from MIIA insurance agency.
Selectmen said the credit is partly because of the town's excellent loss prevention record, its participation in MIIA programs for employees and its longevity with MIIA.
Fayard said that is extremely low and based in part on the town's minimal loss history with MIIA.
Siena, loss control manager for MIIA, told the town it can either have the vendor or supplier of the emergency vehicle send the invoice directly to MIIA for payment or the town can be reimbursed for the cost of the vehicle by sending a copy of the canceled check before June 15.