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The figures for "bosseskud" are manually corrected for different spellings word word count bonde reindriftssame sjosame all words 166,841 30,645 15,640 22,372 miil 981 435 (1,42%) 173 (1,11%) 373 (1,67%) miile 177 155 (0,51%) 21 (0,13%) 1 (0,00%) bosseskud 193 43 (0,14%) 43 (0,27%) 107 (0,48%) Table 3: Numbers of paragraphs for each category of speakers related to the two manuscript hands category Royem's hand Schnitler's hand bonde 386 (93%) 28 (7%) reindriftssame 81 (26%) 225 (74%) sjosame 0 (0%) 424 (100%) The figures indicate that we have a different choice of words among the groups.
Flavor of fresh market Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Miil) as influence by harvest maturity and storage temperature.
Survey results: Fifty percent of the 38 WCMA members responding to the survey indicated they have a yield coordinator at their miIl. Forty-two percent of the 38 milIs use yield simulation computer programs for rough mill analysis.
Tenders are invited for Sahadatpura swdesi cotton miil pump house pr boundrywal pr mrmmat evam rangai v potai ka kary
Tenders Are Invited for Supply of Mill Board (Waxed) 200x200x2.5 (Mm) (End Support) Using Material Specn.mill Board Qty 36192 Nos, Miil Board (Waxed),290*200*2.5(Mm) (Top Support) Using Material Mill Board to Qty 72183 Nos.
For example, in Lihula, a small town in Western Estonia, the local Lions Club has introduced an event called Lihula Miil (coal-burning) that has already become a new tradition.
An extensive real estate empire has been constructed by Estonian businessman Olav Miil, who is mainly known for owning the ferries that operate between mainland Estonia, Srem and Hiium and is formulating a 30-storey highrise building in Tallinn.
Tenders are invited for Provn Of Arboriculture & Landscaping In New Gothic Line At Miil Stn Jaipur
Tenders are invited for Provn Of Arboriculture & Landscaping In Old Gothic Line At Miil Stn Jaipur
The project is classified and miil x pave x plus one.