MIJOMinor Individual Job Order
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Professor of Economics, Economic Research Journal Editor in Chief, Member of Editorial Board of several international journals, Department Economics and Tourism "Dr Mijo Mirkovic" in Pula, Juraj Dobrila University of Pula.
It's easy to come home and say, "Mijo, let's go do this, or let's go do that." You can't do that.
El trigo, el mijo y el arroz son, pues, junto con el agua, las substancias culinarias base.
MOTHER: Mijo, there's a two-foot stack of homemade tortillas and menudo on the stove.
Un ensordecedor enjambre entenebrece el cielo y el mijo se malogra.
When I passed the test for police officer, the family didn't remark, but afterwards when I applied for state trooper, my mother said, "Mijo, why do you want to do this, why do you want to be a police man, aren't there other occupations?".
Es en esta region donde se realiza la mayor parte de los cultivos: mijo, sorgo, legumbres o mani, entre otros; y la ganaderia, consistente en vacunos, ovinos y caprinos.
You're kicked out of school, mijo. You can't go out."
Previously, within the same case, opened by the BiH Prosecutor's Office, the testimony was submitted by Minister of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina Dragan Mektic, Deputy Minister of Security Mijo KreA!ic, and journalists of 'A1/2urnal' and RTRS Avdo Avdic and Mato Dakovic.
Deputy Minister of Security of BiH Mijo Kresic stressed the importance of co-operation and involvement of students in the security sector.