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"It is important to have a positive mindset and having known Mikey now for a while I know he has that and that has stood him in good stead."
Emergency services were called to the scene and Mikey was rushed to hospital but he died on Tuesday surrounded by his family.
A post shared with the Navan South - Communities Unite group on social media said: "In light of the tragic passing of Mikey Leddy, his family would like to express their gratitude to everyone young and old in Navan and beyond who have shared their grief recently.
Mikey was on holiday on the island with his family and stayed at Avenida de las Playas in the resort of Puerto del Carmen, theIrish Mirrorreports.
I was nervous it was Butler like to you're Mikey Collins " The film is Hunter Killer - currently on general release - which sees Gerard Butler's submarine captain lead a team of US Navy Seals on a mission to rescue the Russian President who has been arrested during a coup.
Heist Chocolate is Mikey's labour of love; sacrificing his social life, spending thousands of pounds of his money and spending countless hours crafting his handmade bars in a small factory.
Gemmill said: "I've spoken to Mikey about how he needs to be trusted out of possession.
The 4-minute clip, lyricized and sung by Mikey himself, tells a story about how he has a crush on a girl from Taipei who is sweet and amiable and takes him on a tour of the capital of Taiwan.
Lewis had been working with Mikey and Reynolds, 23, in the paint tent on August 14, 2015, but left before the incident.
Brave Mikey, 14, was a pall bearer carrying his 10-year-old sister Jade's white, princess-decorated coffin.
Mikey, who was diagnosed when he was two years old, struggled to learn to speak and could not make himself understood by anyone outside of his family until he was eight.