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MILAGROMegacity Initiative: Local and Global Research Observations
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When Bill approached us for this auction, our mission was clear: to position Rancho Santa Fe alongside the best communities and El Milagro among the best residential estates in the world.
Cantu first opened Jalapenos in downtown Bellingham in 1999 and opened Milagro Mexican Grill in Fairhaven in 2008.
For a friend who had lost his father, the milagro became a prayer of consolation.
You can't say yes, and you can't say no, because they're measuring something different," says Jordan Goodman, a University of Maryland, College Park, physicist and spokesman for Milagro.
The second phase of acquisition saw the Milagro, Quilacoya, Almendro,
The singers are graduate and undergraduate students of voice faculty members Ann Tedards, Eric Mentzel, Charles Turley and Milagro Vargas.
Aptly named Consuelo (comfort) and Milagro (miracle), the young sisters capture a period of time in Puerto Rico as readers follow their unfolding drama.
Milagro is a Latina Ivy League graduate who can't seem to find a man she really loves--nor a life she really wishes to live.
Milagro Biofuels of Memphis LLC recently produced its first biodiesel, according to President Diane Mulloy.
The girl had been abducted by Milagro Cunningham, 17, who was a friend of her family.
With a wide understanding and coverage of youth Spanish/English, Divirtamonos Aprendiendo con Hap Palmer covers both fun and educational aspects of each language with a track set consisting of La arana pequenita (The Itsy Bitsy Spider), Creciendo (Growing), Que milagro (What a Miracle), Doy gracias (Things I'm Thankful For), Sammy/Soy feliz de ser como soy (Sammy/I'm Glad I'm Glad I'm Me), Veamos a los colores moverse (Colors in Motion), Un Reloj feliz (Jolly Clock), ?