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MILAGROMegacity Initiative: Local and Global Research Observations
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Milagro's executive director, Christina Duncan, feels that the current program is working as intended, but said the focus of the new home is to help more families.
Jose Carlos Martin De La Hoz y Ricardo QUINTANA BESCOS, Causas de canonizacion y milagros, Desclee de Brouwer, Bilbao 2009, 169 pp.
POULENGEY: Creo que la muchacha misma es un milagro" (23).
Sin embargo, la lectura spinoziana del milagro es inadecuada en el respecto de dos sentidos puntuales.
Because of its design and field of view, Milagro was able to record over 200 billion cosmic-ray collisions with the Earth's atmosphere.
One vendor who is selling under his own banner for the first time is Jose Hormaeche, of Dehesa de Milagro, which is based in the Navarre region of Spain.
Although multinational agreements on global warming try to spread the burden among all nations, data from the MILAGRO project in Mexico City ("What Goes Up" SN: 9/8/07, p.
La confutacion spinoziana del milagro. San Jose: Ed.
Presas acerca de los origenes del culto a la Virgen de Lujan vieron la luz en 1973: Informe critico-historico sobre el lugar del milagro de Lujan (apoyado economicamente por el CONICET) y Nuestra Senora de Lujan.
Aptly named Consuelo (comfort) and Milagro (miracle), the young sisters capture a period of time in Puerto Rico as readers follow their unfolding drama.
Milagro is a Latina Ivy League graduate who can't seem to find a man she really loves--nor a life she really wishes to live.