MILATMilitary Led Academic Training (Trinidad & Tobago programme)
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Suspicion initially fell on mass murderer Milat, who told officers in his padded cell at Goulburn's Supermax prison that police were "way off the mark".
Glen McClean, 32, who directs the film, said on the film's official website: "Over the years I heard about a couple of true cases that happened in Australia, one of them being the Milat case, which is about a serial killer who would pick up hitchhikers on lonely highways and take them out into the woods and do horrific things to them.
Paul Onions had accepted a lift from Milat, convicted of killing seven backpackers, when he was hitchhiking across the country in 1990.
Milat was found guilty of the brutal murder of seven young hitchhikers as they toured the country between December 1989 and April 1992.
Milat, 51, was sentenced to life imprisonment last year.
For years, there was speculation that Milat - who became known as one of the worst serial killers in Australian history - had an accomplice.
Tenders are invited for Laying of cc road in the bylines at back side of masjid maaz and bylines of milat nagar in barkas division-rs.9.00 lakhs
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- The pro-government Milat daily targeted Turkish nationals from the Jewish community who also hold Israeli passports in its Thursday issue by arguing that since Israeli citizens are required to serve in the national army, they have blood on their hands and are responsible for the killings of civilians in Gaza during an Israeli offensive that has led to over 2,000 deaths since July of this year.
Deniz Ergurel, secretary-general of the Media Association, a non-profit group that promotes media reform in Turkey, described Milat's readership as particularly interested in political Islam and regional upheavals.
Australia: A relative of notorious Australian serial killer Ivan Milat, who is in jail for murdering backpackers in the 1990s, on Monday pleaded guilty to the brutal axe slaying of a boy.
Ivan Milat was jailed for life in 1996 after being convicted of murdering seven backpackers in Australia.
DETECTIVES Down Under have discounted a link to backpacker serial killer Ivan Milat after the discovery of a young woman's body close to his forest killing grounds.