MILCMilk Income Loss Contract
MILCMirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera (photography)
MILCMetal-Induced Lateral Crystallization
MILCMontreal International Language Centre (Canada)
MILCMassena Independent Living Center (New York)
MILCMennonite Indian Leaders Council
MILCModified Intermediate Load Cycle
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Digital cameras can be classified into built-in lens cameras, such as point-and-shoot cameras, and interchangeable lens cameras, such as DSLRs and MILCs.
MILC gives participating dairy farmers a government payment if the price of milk falls below the target price.
1 million in MILC subsidies to dairy farmers in the state.
What happens is that milk is often cyclical, and when the prices are very, very low, the MILC program provides a small payment to make up the difference when that price is too low, when it dips below a certain level.
Hi-Resolution Electronic Viewfinder support: In early models, MILC camera electronic viewfinders typically offered images with low-resolution and high-latency, both of which offer significant challenges for serious photographers.
Rowe thinks the MILC program needs to be re-examined, saying it is no longer clear what the program is accomplishing.
After the first year of the five-year bill, the Senate version of the Farm Bill raises the MILC payment rate from 34% to 45% of the difference between $16.
Department of Agriculture (USDA) issued a report that concluded that MILC actually depresses the farm milk price paid to U.
The MILC program makes deficiency payments on the first 2.
Certain support programs, for example the MILC income protection program for dairy producers, cannot be funded until a new farm bill is passed -- either during the lame duck session after Congress returns on Nov.
NMPF is unhappy because the measure would continue the MILC program, which is unlikely to benefit producers this year.
MILC program extended: The United States is to extend help to small dairy farmers under the existing payment rate of 34%, the USDA has announced.