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MILCAMatrix-Induced Liver Cell Aggregates
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But compared with the real spectra, the shapes of some characteristic absorption peaks obtained by three ICA (fast ICA, KICA, and MILCA) algorithms were reversed, especially for the C[equivalent to]N bond (2200 [cm.sup.-1], 2154 [cm.sup.-1]) and C=N bond (1647 [cm.sup.-1], 1554 [cm.sup.-1]) of cyanoguanidine and the principal absorption peaks of hydrazine dihydrochloride (2490 [cm.sup.-1], 1550 [cm.sup.-1]).
Caption: Figure 5: IR spectra of cyanoguanidine ((a1): HS-MCR; (a2): MILCA; (a3): KICA; (a4): fast ICA; (a5): ATR probe) and hydrazine dihydrochloride ((b1): HS-MCR; (b2): MILCA; (b3): KICA; (b4): fast ICA; (b5): ATR probe) obtained from different chemometrics.
(2.) Adenicia Custodia Silva Souza Milca Severino Pereira Marcia Alves Vasconcelos Rodrigues.
Allan Chiasse Benoit Poelvoorde Concia Vanessa Paradis Bosco Jean-Pierre Marielle James Bataille Jason Flemyng With: Venantino Venantini, Dominique Bettenfeld, Daniel Cohen, Marie Milca, Vincent Tavier, Bouli Laners, Jacky Lambert, Mat Sodupe, Vincent Belorgey.
We received a wonderful letter and picture of Milca in her new chair holding a basketball with her children at her side.
Milca Esdaille is a Caribbean-born freelance writer living in New York and working to complete her first novel.
According to witnesses Milca Cruz, 36, single, of Marikina City and Ceejay Dalusong, 28, single, resident of Pandi, Bulacan, prior to the incident, they attended a Christmas party when they decided to hail a taxi cab in Makati City.
Milca Runzinde 10 Bexley Circle Southerton Harare, Zimbabwe Africa