MILCAMember, Institute of Legal Cashiers and Administrators (UK)
MILCAMatrix-Induced Liver Cell Aggregates
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But compared with the real spectra, the shapes of some characteristic absorption peaks obtained by three ICA (fast ICA, KICA, and MILCA) algorithms were reversed, especially for the C[equivalent to]N bond (2200 [cm.sup.-1], 2154 [cm.sup.-1]) and C=N bond (1647 [cm.sup.-1], 1554 [cm.sup.-1]) of cyanoguanidine and the principal absorption peaks of hydrazine dihydrochloride (2490 [cm.sup.-1], 1550 [cm.sup.-1]).
Caption: Figure 5: IR spectra of cyanoguanidine ((a1): HS-MCR; (a2): MILCA; (a3): KICA; (a4): fast ICA; (a5): ATR probe) and hydrazine dihydrochloride ((b1): HS-MCR; (b2): MILCA; (b3): KICA; (b4): fast ICA; (b5): ATR probe) obtained from different chemometrics.
La batalla legal se inicio en 1993, cuando la embotelladora local de Coca-Cola, denominada en ese entonces Embotelladora Milca, S.A., lanzo la promocion comercial "Numero locura", durante 10 semanas, en la cual se entregarian premios en efectivo hasta por 50 mil cordobas -alrededor de 8 mil dolaresa quienes tuvieran una tapa ganadora que cumpliera con tres requisitos: numero ganador, cantidad ganada y un codigo de control.
(2.) Adenicia Custodia Silva Souza Milca Severino Pereira Marcia Alves Vasconcelos Rodrigues.
Allan Chiasse Benoit Poelvoorde Concia Vanessa Paradis Bosco Jean-Pierre Marielle James Bataille Jason Flemyng With: Venantino Venantini, Dominique Bettenfeld, Daniel Cohen, Marie Milca, Vincent Tavier, Bouli Laners, Jacky Lambert, Mat Sodupe, Vincent Belorgey.
We received a wonderful letter and picture of Milca in her new chair holding a basketball with her children at her side.
Milca Esdaille is a Caribbean-born freelance writer living in New York and working to complete her first novel.
El ano pasado, Panamco se extendio aun mas al adquirir la embotelladora de Coca-Cola en Nicaragua, Embotelladora Milca, por US$19,1 millones, y Coca-Cola y Hit de Venezuela por US$1.200 millones en efectivo, titulos y deudas asumidas.
According to witnesses Milca Cruz, 36, single, of Marikina City and Ceejay Dalusong, 28, single, resident of Pandi, Bulacan, prior to the incident, they attended a Christmas party when they decided to hail a taxi cab in Makati City.
Milca Runzinde 10 Bexley Circle Southerton Harare, Zimbabwe Africa